3 Minute Chelation

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Provider: The Cole Center for Healing
Written By: Dr. Theodore Cole

We are pleased to now offer a “new” form of Chelation therapy. In reality, the 3 Minute IV (3MIV) has been used in Europe since 1958, and thus has over 40 years of research and experience behind it. Instead of being given as a slow drip, it is administered as a rapid infusion. In addition, this therapy uses calcium EDTA instead of disodium EDTA. The procedure is painless, except for the access to the vein. At this time, the 3MIV appears to be superior in nearly all respects to both the 1.5-hour and 3-4 hour Chelation therapy. One reason for this is that the 3MIV produces high concentrations of EDTA in the blood, which is required in order to obtain increased heavy metal release.

It is apparent that we can no longer approach cardiovascular disease as simply a matter of calcium build-up in the arteries. Not all plaque can be seen on the available tests, including angiogram and fast CT. Vulnerable (soft) plaque is typically undetected and might be the factor in 85% of all MI’s and stroke. In addition, inflammation, hypercoagulation, heavy metal burden, poor nutritional status, impaired Nitrous Oxide (NO) production, and infection are also contributing factors. ALL of these issues must be addressed in order to maximize one’s health and reduce the risk of a cardiovascular illness.

For these reasons, it is a MUST to use oral chelation along with the 3MIV. This prevents the reabsorbtion of heavy metals released by the IV, and also continues the process of detox. Best results are obtained when the 3MIV is combined with oxidative therapies (ozone, hydrogen peroxide, etc.) on the same day. I also suggest that everyone consider the following:

  • Neural Therapy evaluation in order to check for heavy metals and oral detox agents.
  • Toxic Metal Screen (TMS) in order to assess nutritional status. Just like in the 3MIV, high blood concentrations of vitamins and minerals are needed in order to obtain maximum benefit. I have found the TMS to be the best way to obtain this information. At the very least, a multi-mineral supplement must be taken.
  • 6-hour urine collection for heavy metals after the 1st or 2nd 3MIV (optional). This can be repeated on a serial basis to track progress.
  • PSE: This resolves energetic damage and blockage to enhance healing in all areas.

As stated, the 3MIV is very safe. In over 1 millions patients documented in more than 7000 research articles over the last 30 years, there has not been a single reported incident of kidney failure or permanent damage. In fact, it has been shown to be helpful in patients with kidney problems, This procedure is also very effective for the usual conditions, including all cardiovascular illnesses, macular degeneration, diabetes, arthritis, scleroderma, brain disorders, anti-aging effects, helps to clear infections in the blood, sarcoidosis, cataracts, decreased inflammation, removal of radioactive elements, increased NO production, decreased coagulation, etc. For more information about this procedure, the best site to start with is www.gordonresearch.com.