Cellular Restoration

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Provider: The Cole Center for Healing
Written By: Dr. Theodore Cole

Do you have an advance condition such as Cancer, ALS, MS, Lyme’s…

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The Cole Center for Healing offers a holistic approach in a warm environment to treat cancer and other chronic conditions. For Over 20 years The Cole Center has offered these therapies alone or in conjunction with traditional medicine with success. These conditions can require the use of several modalities for patients to reach a better state of health.

At the Cole Center, we can offer a synergistic approach to help minimize the effects of chemotherapy, radiation and harsh medications. We strive to develop a program with your oncologist or specialist that tailors to your specific needs.

We also treat patients that would only like to take a holistic approach to their chronic condition regardless of what health stage you are currently. The Cole Center has had success in the past in helping patients achieve a healthier state. We allow our patients to choose their treatment path and will provide unbiased answers to your health questions as you proceed through your program of care.

When you come through our doors, our goal is to create a warm comforting environment. We are family owned and operated and promote having your loved ones with you! Our patients state, “It is like coming home!”

Some of our more well know therapies are: