Essential Oil Therapies

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Provider: The Cole Center for Healing
Written By: Dr. Theodore Cole

Essential oils are one of the oldest systems of therapy in existence today. Their use is well documented in ancient writings, including the Bible and texts from Egyptian, Chinese, and Indian cultures extending back several thousand years. Modern science has documented the enormous number of healing compounds contained in essential oils, and their effectiveness has been demonstrated in numerous studies. However, the effectiveness of essential oils is directly related to their quality. Many oils are of poor quality, and many have been mixed with cheap extending agents. We use only medical grade oils that have been tested for their purity, identity, and strength.

Oils can be used for a wide range of problems. According to Dr. Penoel, one of the leading physicians in this area, oils can effect eight areas of function. These are congenital (hereditary) conditions, organ systems (heart, lungs, etc.), bioelectric aspects of the body, infections (viruses, bacteria, etc.), the immune system, structural components, endocrine glands, and neuro-psychological function. Oils therefore work at several levels of human functioning simultaneously. Oils can be used both for prevention as part of a daily health program, and as a treatment for acute and chronic illnesses.

We use oils in a number of therapies: individually, in combinations, and in office treatments. The first treatment is called Raindrop Therapy, and is primarily for physical problems and/or health enhancement. The second is Emotional Release Therapy. This treatment’s main effect is to help with the removal of emotional blocks and to aid in the resolution of psychological difficulties. The third treatment is the Spiritual Enhancement Therapy. This is oriented towards expanding one’s spiritual awareness, development, and openness. Oftentimes, best results will be obtained if the therapies are done in sequence, starting with the Raindrop Therapy. We also offer nasal lavage. This procedure not only helps with sinus problems, but triggers reflex points within the nose to stimulate a total body effect, much like acupuncture. If needed, we can custom blend oils for an individual’s specific requirements for health and/or cosmetic uses.