Chinese Herbal Medications

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Provider: The Cole Center for Healing
Written By: Dr. Theodore Cole

Chinese medicine is a complete system of health care that has been in continuous use for over twenty-three centuries. The use of herbs has been a central component of this system since it’s beginning, and has been steadily refined throughout the years. Western medications often help to control symptoms, but do not alter the disease process itself. Chinese herbs, on the other hand, not only help control symptoms, but also treat the underlying condition which is causing the symptoms. The ultimate goal of herbal therapy is to adjust and harmonize the functioning of the body in such a way that the individual can achieve the greatest degree of health possible. Although herbal medications are a powerful method of healing, they rarely cause side effects.

In addition to treating illness, Chinese herbs can be used to prevent disease by acting as a tonic to enhance one’s health, build depleted resources, strengthen one’s coping ability and immune function, and restore harmony and balance to one’s life. Specific remedies are selected based on one’s individual symptoms, and are usually supplied as either a liquid or as a pill. Chinese herbs can be used alone, or can be used along with other nutrients or Western medications. Herbs are often useful in conditions for which Western medicine has no treatment and can be used on a long-term basis without fear of complications.