Cancer Therapy

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All of our cells need the same things in order to survive. Proteins, fats, vitamins, etc. are all required. These metabolic pathways have been researched and are known in great detail. However, normal cells and cancer cells are different in which nutrients they prefer and how they are used. Much of this is now known, and we can take advantage of these metabolic differences in order to treat cancer cells with minimal damage to normal cells. 

The Cole Center program is a two stage process. The first stage weakens the cancer cells and drives them to using sugar as their only energy source. This stage lasts for two weeks. The second stage is the kill cycle and lasts for one week. The stages are then repeated as needed. 

The combination of agents used is determined for each person, and can consist of various supplements, medications, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, IV’s, Ionized Oxygen and others. All of the components used in this program have been chosen based on research that has shown their effectiveness. Using this metabolic approach, there are very few side effects and the end goal is to improve overall health and wellness, as well as preventing any recurrence of cancer.