Hydrogen Peroxide

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Provider: The Cole Center for Healing
Written By: Dr. Theodore Cole

Hydrogen peroxide (HP) has a long history of use. The first account of intravenous use was printed in The Lancet in 1920. Since that time, a great deal of research has been done and the following effects have been discovered:

Increased oxygenation, alveolar debridement (removes mucous from the lungs), numerous hormonal effects (including thyroid stimulation, progesterone production, effect on neurotransmitters and prostaglandin, and calcium metabolism), stimulation of the oxidative enzyme system, dilation of peripheral, pulmonary, cerebral and coronary blood vessels, improvement of blood sugar control and diabetes, improvement in multiple areas of immune function and regulation, and regulation of the inflammatory response.

As a result of these widespread effects, and especially due to its effect on oxygen availability to the tissues, many consider it to be a universal treatment. It can be used with almost any other treatment or by itself. The following conditions have been found to be candidates for HP therapy:

Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, heart arrhythmias, COPD, emphysema, asthma, flu, herpes, temporal arteritis, candidiasis, chronic Epstein-Barr infection, diabetes type II, HIV, cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s, migraines and other headache types, chronic pain, environmental allergy reactions, some tumors, and many bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections.

The above effects are due to the intravenous use of HP. I do not recommend oral use, as studies have shown that it can damage normal cells of the digestive tract. There are many other oral oxygen products available, but I have seen no reliable information as to whether or not they cause the same type of damage, or if they have any beneficial effect at all. Until such information is forthcoming, I cannot recommend their use. For further information, the book Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle goes into more detail and is highly recommended.