Neural Therapy

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Provider: The Cole Center for Healing
Written By: Dr. Theodore Cole

Drs. Ferdinand and Walter Huneke developed Neural Therapy (NT) in Germany beginning in 1925. NT originally used injections of local anesthetics, usually procaine, to remove “short circuits” in the body’s electrical network. This process frees up the body’s flow of energy and normalizes cellular function. NT is effective in a broad range of problems, including pain, arthritis, circulatory disorders, depression, dizziness, headache, hormonal imbalances, skin disorders, ulcers, and thyroid disease, as well as many others.

Most chronic illnesses are caused by changes in the electrical conductivity of the autonomic nerves and cells. These changes disrupt the flow of energy, which results in the development of an interference field (IF). Any type of trauma, illness, or toxin can cause IFs. These fields can cause disturbances not only at that specific site, but can also create problems at a site distant to the original trauma. IF’s can lie dormant until activated by further trauma, illness, nutritional imbalances, emotional stress, allergies, or even weight gain. Indicators of an underlying IF include failure to respond to other therapies, worsening of the condition after other treatments, symptoms on one side of the body, or recurring illness. The goal is to locate these IF’s and eliminate them, thereby removing the “short circuits” from the system.

Since the founding of NT, it has been expanded and refined by other doctors. In particular, Autonomic Response Testing (ART) and Field Control Therapy (FCT) have been developed and integrated into NT. These methods use forms of muscle testing, or “hands on “ techniques to help locate the source of the IF’s. Through the use of these methods, the importance or priority of these IF’s can be established, and then eliminated in a systematic way. Methods of treatment can include injections, nutritional supplements, lasers, microelectric currents, homeopathic medications, and resolution of emotional disruptions. The particular treatment method is determined by the ART or FCT exam results. Once the IF’s are removed, the cells normal electrical activity is restored, thereby enabling them to eliminate toxic wastes and begin to function normally again. By incorporating ART and FCT, the types of conditions that can be evaluated and treated have become limitless, and I suggest that everyone be evaluated in this way.