Neurological Integration System

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Provider: The Cole Center for Healing
Written By: Dr. Theodore Cole

Neurological Integration System also referred to as Neurolink or NIS, is one of the most elegant methods of diagnosis and treatment that I have found. The basic premise is that under stress, the brain becomes disconnected from that part of the body/metabolism that experiences the stress. For example, if a muscle in the leg is pushed beyond its ability to adapt (injury), the normal connection to the brain is disrupted. The brain then loses its ability to monitor and control that muscle effectively, resulting in chronic problems, decreased function, and increased susceptibility to further injuries and disruption. NIS reestablishes this connection, and enables the brain to once again resume full control of the muscle, reversing the affects of the injury.

NIS deals with an extensive number of factors that can affect health. Everything from muscle function to infections to DNA status is evaluated and treated. It is particularly effective for infections. NIS not only helps eliminate infections, it also helps repair any damage caused by these agents so that the body can more easily combat the infections on its own. The body is often unable to effectively deal with infections until this is accomplished.

NIS is a process of finding and correcting all of the disruptions that have occurred. Muscle testing is used as part of the diagnosis, and the therapy involves gently tapping the head while stimulating the area that is being treated. It is painless, quick, and without side effects. No matter what the problems or symptoms, NIS follows a specific protocol. With each person, the therapy starts with the first step and ends only when we reach the end of the protocol. The number of sessions required to go through the entire sequence depends on how many areas need to be corrected. Therefore, it can take anywhere from 1-8 visits to finish the entire protocol. It can require several “rounds” of the protocol to completely eliminate all abnormalities. Infections are the toughest and take the longest to get rid of. It can take anywhere from 2-8 complete cycles to accomplish this, and we continue treating until all of the abnormal findings are reversed.