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Provider: The Cole Center for Healing
Written By: Dr. Theodore Cole

NES is a process in which an extensive health scan is contained in one test by assessing the human body-field.

The NES instrument consists of a base unit and computer. The base unit acts as a receiver for electrons and photons to carry information between the energy-field of the person and the bio-energy map stored in the computer. The NES compares and detects differences between the optimal, ideal map of the body-field and the person’s current energy-field structure. As a quantum device, it does not actually test for specific toxins, parasites, viruses, etc. Rather, it looks for whether these factors have caused body-field damage, and the specific information-based remedies that will correct this disruption. These highly effective substances provide the quantum instructions needed to correct specific field imbalances.

NES does not treat symptoms, but measures the underlying causes of problems by assessing how well energy and information are being regulated in the body. Areas that are scanned include major organ systems, toxins, nutrition, infectious agents, emotional states, allergies, and others. By correcting these processes, the body’s own self-healing system is energized.

Another important feature of NES analysis is the ability to determine the order in which the body is able to change and heal. In reality, the organism can only correct its problems in a very specific sequence, and this is why using supplements and other therapies are often unsuccessful. For example, heavy metals and silent viral infections are two of the most common causes of chronic ill health. Yet before they can be eliminated, there must be improvements in the nervous and immune systems, intercellular communication and the body’s capacity to detoxify. It can take several months before the organism can be directed to eradicate these damaging toxins. The NES system provides the roadmap of how the body and mind can be brought back to an optimal state.

Treatment is accomplished by the use of NutriEnergetics Infoceuticals. These remedies are designed to repair the human body-field at the molecular and cellular level. They are prepared using the latest advances in field dynamics by imprinting a base of organic colloidal minerals with magnetic information corresponding to specific aspects of the ideal body-field. This information acts as a kind of signpost for the subatomic particles in the bio-energy field. By providing these core directions, any deviation away from the optimal map is brought back to normal. As the subatomic particles realign themselves, the energy field and physical body regain balance. One’s self-healing capacity becomes active and enlivened again.