Psychosomatic Energetic Therapy

Category: 2

Provider: The Cole Center for Healing
Written By: Dr. Theodore Cole

PSE was developed by Dr. Reimar Banis to treat hidden energetic conflicts that are the underlying cause of many symptoms and diseases. These conflicts occur the moment when someone has to cope with an unbearable feeling. Many of these happen during childhood, when a person has only limited emotional defenses. The person considers the feelings to be a menace to their existence, and separates them into an energetic “capsule”, thus beginning the conflict. The conflict, however, continues to exist, and drains energy from the person. It also blocks normal energy flow, leading to numerous disturbances, both energetic and physical.

The longer the conflict exists and the bigger it is, the more we develop illnesses. In addition, the conflict affects behavior in order to obtain the type of experiences and energy it needs to thrive. As these issues are deeply rooted and located at a nonverbal level, talking or thinking about them is ineffective. In most cases, the person doesn’t know that they have the conflict, they only know they don’t feel well, or that their life is not progressing as they would like, in spite of their best efforts.

With PSE, we are able to measure the conflict, it’s location, size, age, nature, and treatment. The conflict is not an enemy, but a part of us that has not yet been integrated. With treatment, these conflicts are addressed in a gentle and effective way using homeopathic drops. One becomes aware of the conflict, and it begins to melt away. As it does so, we feel more energetic and healthy, with many physical problems resolved. Dr. Banis has obtained an 80% remission rate of all chronic diseases using only this approach.

Small and young conflicts might take only a few weeks, whereas older and larger conflicts can take up to a year. The drops can be taken with or without food, and no other agents or therapies interfere with them. There can be some mild detox/retracing symptoms, and most people will experience vivid dreams. About 15% of people will experience vivid nightmares, so don’t be alarmed. This is a good time to journal to bring issues into focus and resolve them more quickly. The remedies can be added to water, but never to anything hot. If you want to avoid the alcohol, add the remedies to water in an open container the night before, and drink it during the next day. It is a small amount, and your body makes more alcohol than this on it’s own every day.

As PSE treats at a very high level that affects all areas of function, I consider this to be a primary therapy for everyone. It is a logical starting point in any healing program.