Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

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Provider: The Cole Center for Healing
Written By: Dr. Theodore Cole

All life originated and developed within the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of the earth, and we are dependent upon them to maintain optimal health. If an animal is isolated from these EMFs, it will die. Various forms of EMF therapy have been used over the centuries, and there are currently many devices on the market that all claim to provide PEMF therapy.

The best devices are those that duplicate natural conditions and enable the body to heal. This means that there should be at least three features of any device: low intensity, the right wave form, and a variable (pulsed) field.

Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig of the Institute for Biophysics in Tauberbischofsheim (Germany) was one of the foremost experts and pioneers in this area. He did extensive research into the natural EMFs that we are exposed to, and developed equipment to duplicate these EMFs. He discovered that there are three kinds of bioenergetically active signals present in the earth’s natural environment: Schumann waves, geomagnetic waves and solar waves (see W. Ludwig: Informative Medizin. Essen 1999 - it may be obtained by contacting Advanced Medical Systems GmbH).

Schumann waves

At about 100 kilometers above the surface, the earth is surrounded by the ionosphere. The vast space between the ionosphere and the earth’s surface acts as an enormous electromagnetic resonance cavity, like the sound box of a musical instrument. These resonating electromagnetic waves are known as Schumann waves, after their discoverer, the physicist W.O. Schumann. The basic waveform (first harmonic) has a frequency of 7.8Hz. This is exactly the same frequency that is present in the main control areas of the brain, including the hippocampus and the hypothalamus. Therefore, our brain resonates with the earth.

Geomagnetic waves

The earth’s crust contains 64 elements which are vital to life, and are referred to as the trace elements. Each of these trace elements possesses its own characteristic types of vibrations. The earth’s magnetic field is influenced or modulated by these vibrations, the resulting modulation being known as geomagnetic waves. The earth’s crust contains the same essentially vital mineral material (“trace elements“) as those existing in the red blood cells of humans. Dr. Ludwig discovered that an imbalance of Schumann and geomagnetic waves induces micro-stress in living creatures. The first Schumann wave generators were developed by Dr. Ludwig and colleagues in 1974 and have been in a continuous state of development ever since. On the basis of the research work of Dr. Ludwig, NASA consulted with him and constructed “Schumann” frequency generators in its manned space capsules to prevent the harmful effects of isolation from these natural frequencies.

Solar wave

A third natural source of important signals is our Sun. The Sun emits not only light in the visible range, but also a wide spectrum of low frequencies well into the ultraviolet and X-ray ranges.

For electromagnetic radiation of most wavelengths the Earth’s atmosphere is practically impenetrable, except for two zones: one lies in the range of visible light, the “optical window”, and the other lies in the range of radiofrequency radiation, the “radio window” (according to König, 1977). As Dr. Fritz Popp and others have shown, biophotons (i.e. light) is a critical aspect of cellular information and control. In particular, it is the frequencies in the ultra-short wave range of the Sun’s spectrum which resonate with the cellular building blocks in the organism. The magnetic field devices of Dr. Ludwig incorporate these frequencies into the units, which sends the plasma oscillations of the natural sunlight apart from the Schumann and geomagnetic frequencies.Ludwig’s devices are the only ones that I am aware of that use all three waves.

Bioinformative Medicine

In addition to the above, Dr. Ludwig recognized that using these three types of waves in treatment had profound implications. The expression “Bioinformative medicine“ originated from Dr. Ludwig who collected the results of his more than 30 years research and development work in his book of reference entitled “Informative medicine“ (1999, only available in German)

“Bioinformative medicine“refers to the transmission of Bioinformative energy by means of a soft pulsating magnetic-field with the aim of improving intra and extra cellular regulation.

Specific frequencies from endogenous (the body’s own) and exogenous (foreign) agents are known as bioinformation which cause the resonance phenomena necessary for communication between cells. This leads to a strengthening of the process, and thus to a so-called “feedback signal “.

The immune system is specifically activated by this “feedback-signal“which in turn results in a healing reaction. Information is the all-important factor in our universe and therefore also in our bodies and individual cells. Self-regulation processes are determined purely by the contents of the information which the cells receive through the body’s own communication network. However, the only information which can be effective is that which is capable of resonance. That is, only the same or similar structures or oscillatory patterns that the body itself uses are able to cause this effect.

Healing information has its greatest effect (i.e. resonance) when it is derived directly from nature, or is an exact replica of that occurring in nature such as from the Ludwig magnetic-field instruments.

However, just simply generating electromagnetic frequencies is completely inadequate to cause biological resonance phenomena. Furthermore, a highly-complex electromagnetic therapy signal which possesses physiological quality characteristics and can be simultaneously modulated with endogenous and/or exogenous bioinformation is needed.

In other words, with Dr. Ludwig’s devices, we are able to use the three waveforms as carriers of information that enable the body to improve its self regulation and induce healing. We can combine any information that we wish, either from outside sources or from the body itself. This provides results unmatched by any other process.

Dr. Ludwig, in association with other researchers, developed specific frequency programs for a large number of conditions. These programs can be used by themselves, or combined with additional remedies.

Harmonic waves promote self-healing!

The magnetic field therapy devices developed by Dr. W. Ludwig produce harmonic waves which are bioenergetically vital. The vibrations of human beings are in resonance with the vibrations of the natural environment. Living creatures use the characteristics of these harmonious waves to control their internal processes – their metabolism, hormone balance, functioning of the autonomic nervous system and so on.

In general, the magnetic field therapy devices can be considered as a stress-reliever and balancer, since all conditions can be considered (in the widest sense) to be stress-induced: physical, emotional or mental.

Because of these effects, and by stabilizing, balancing and energizing the body and mind, Dr. Ludwig’s devices have been found to bring positive benefits to a large variety of complaints. Some of the conditions that have shown positive results include:

Rheumatism, arthritis, circulatory disorders (including hypertension and atherosclerosis), migraine and other headache types, pain of many types (muscle, bone fractures, menstrual, arthritis, etc.) tiredness, disturbed sleep, weather sensitivity, ulcers, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, depression, inflammation and a wide range of other problems caused by fatigue and stress. It also counteracts the effects of the electrosmog that we are all exposed to on a daily basis.

The above factors make Ludwig’s devices the most effective approach of this type that I have ever encountered. Although there are many PEMF therapy devices available, there are no other devices that have these capabilities.

There are currently over 2000 studies on PEMF therapy, and many can be readily found with an internet search. Advanced Medical Systems produce the Ludwig devices, and more information can be found at their website www.magnetotherapy.de.