Sanum Remedies

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Dr. Gunther Enderlein was a brilliant researcher who developed the Sanum Remedies based on his findings regarding microorganisms. It began with the publication of his chief work, Bacteria Cyclogeny, in 1925. He also published over 500 scientific articles regarding this subject over a span of more than 40 years.

Simply put, his research uncovered the fact that organisms, such as bacteria, yeast, and viruses, have different forms during their lifetime. The particular form that an organism takes on is determined by its environment. In the case of humans, some of these forms are harmless, and others are toxic and considered to be infections.

Dr. Enderlein developed the Sanum Remedies to affect organisms in a way that would make them harmless. Rather than attempting to kill them with antibiotics, they are treated so that they revert to a form in which they are no longer a threat. This approach avoids all of the negative effects of antibiotics, and improves the overall health of the person treated.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on the pH of the body. A correct pH is vital to the process of turning the harmful forms into harmless ones. In addition, there are remedies to help with energy production, which helps with balancing the pH, and with overall health.

Another class of remedies is designed to remove the toxic materials left over from previous illnesses. This is critical to a full recovery, and can include clearing of toxins that a person obtained from the parents during fetal development.

Due to the critical nature of infections and the by-products of these organisms, I suggest that everyone undergo evaluation for this therapy. The exam is a simple and non-invasive use of muscle testing to determine the optimal remedies. It is suitable for any age, and there are no side effects known.