Tissue Mineral Analysis

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Provider: The Cole Center for Healing
Written By: Dr. Theodore Cole

This test, also known as a Toxic Metal Screen (TMS) or Hair Analysis, is one that measures the mineral content of the hair. This information allows us to design an accurate program of diet and vitamin/mineral/herbal supplementation for your specific needs. Mineral imbalances in the hair reveal metabolic conditions in the tissues, which can lead to metabolic dysfunctions before any symptoms are present. Thus, a TMS can act to both treat current problems and to correct problems before they become more serious. This is true preventative care.

Nutrients are the raw materials that the body requires for normal function and healing, and they must be present in adequate amounts or dysfunction will occur. Blood work is not very accurate in assessing these areas, and typically only shows changes after actual disease is present. This is long after these problems will show up in the hair. The TMS is usually done about every 3 months, due to the fact that the nutritional program will change your metabolism, and thus your nutrient requirements.

Common causes of mineral imbalances include improper diet, the use of vitamins/minerals which are not compatible with your current needs, medications, birth control pills, stress, injury, illness, accumulation of toxic materials from the environment, and inheritance of mineral patterns from your parents (this can be either genetic, or passed via the blood stream from mother to baby during pregnancy).

TMS gives both diagnostic and treatment information, and I consider it to be one of the most important methods of analysis. Anyone and everyone can benefit from it, but common conditions that are responsive to this approach include depression, low or high blood sugar, ADHD, headaches, hypertension, arthritis, anemia, thyroid problems, prostate disorders, digestive disturbances, muscular pain, osteoporosis, fatigue, diabetes, musculo-skeletal disorders, cardiovascular disease, skin rashes, emotional problems of all types, allergies, adrenal disorders, infertility, learning disorders and behavioral problems, poor hair and nail growth, cancer, and a host of others.